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We are now posting videos!

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth more!
As painting contractors, we love showcasing our work. 
When your home painting project is finished, we love taking a look at work we have done. 
Look out for more of our videos in the future!

Enjoy and thank you!

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Staining doors is not rocket science but is not as simple as painting doors. 
However, going through the steps stated in this post will help you ensure a quality finish you can enjoy. 

When starting off with new doors, it is important sand down the imperfections on the doors.
A fine grit sanding paper such as 220 will help prevent sanding marks and create a smooth surface. 
Dust off the doors and apply a coat of wood conditioner.
The wood conditioner acts like a "primer" for the stain. This helps the stain apply more evenly and helps prevent dark spots.
After the stain is applied and dried, a sanding sealer should be applied. 
The sanding sealer like the wood conditioner helps the finish coat dry evenly. 
When the sealer dries, sand down the door once more for any additional imperfections and dust off the door.
BEFORE you apply the finish coat make sure to double check the doors for any imperfections that may appear when the finish coat is applied.
At T&J Painting, we like to use Man-O-War Marine Spar Varnish. The satin finish is the way we like to go, but finishes such as semi-gloss are available. 

To apply the varnish, first apply with a roller and even the roller finish with a brush. 
Before the finish starts to dry, make sure to smooth out any sag marks that can occur from too much material being applied.

Let the doors dry for 24 hours before re-coating if necessary.
If a second coat is not necessary, the doors can be touched after 6 hours of dry time.

Staining still sound daunting?
This is why we provide staining as a painting service. 
Staining like we stated above is more then a multiple step process and takes some care and detail to get done.
During the house painting process if you need any doors stained let us know!

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Sanding, scraping, priming, caulking, cleaning, covering, and repeat!
All painting contractors have different methods to how they approach a job, but in the end the preparation process is identical. Pressure washing the exterior of your home is the first step but not always. Some homes have excessive peeling from the wood substrates. In this case, we scrape off the peeling areas to avoid too many paint chips flying off of the home. This also minimizes the chance of paint chips going onto your neighbors lawns and homes.
As you can see in the photo of this blog, Tony is pressure washing this porch floor from the years of mildew, dirt, and grime build up. Imagine painting over a surface such as this without the proper surface preparation. In this case, a good and thorough pressure wash will prepare this surface for a new decking coating or system. 
The following scraping, sanding, and priming help promote adhesion to any exposed surfaces. When we say exposed surfaces, we mean the areas that have been exposed through the scraping process. The priming will not only help to seal the exposed surface, but also promote the adhesion of the new paint. Caulking is to help seal and exposed joints that can lead to water intrusions. With ship lap siding, there is no need to caulk the laps because the ship lap sides purpose is to prevent water from going into the joints.
Lastly, covering any surface that is not to be painted is the last step before the painting begins. Of course when the project is finished cleaning up all materials and trash is where the painting contractors job ends. You can be an awesome painter, but leaving a persons home with trash is not professional. 
Some may say painting services is not difficult, however taking care of the details of the project and prepping the surface properly takes a certain amount of responsibility and care for the project.

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Popcorn removal is a painting service that we provide to our customers. After the removal of the popcorn, we the painting contractors will dispose of the popcorn and take care of the patches needed to proceed to the texture phase of the project. The patch is important because a certain amount of damage done to the ceiling from the popcorn removal is inevitable. While we get these patches done, we double check the butt joints and re-tape and mud the joints to ensure they do not show after the new texture is shot. 
We service not only the Santa Clara County but also the San Mateo County. If you need any painting services such as popcorn removal give us a call and we would be glad to provide you a free estimate!
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 Wrought iron fencing is a job that is usually not that large in size but packs the preparation and work load of a large project! As painting contractors, we sometimes run into properties that either the homeowner or friend of a homeowner attempted the daunting task of painting iron wrought fencing. We applaud the brave man or woman that took on this challenge. However, although iron wrought fencing looks easy it is quite the contrary. Of course, not all iron wrought fencing is the same. Some have beautiful accents and trim and others just have the standard horizontal and vertical bars. Regardless of the details, the steps to a good job is pretty much the same. First, scraping and light sanding as necessary on the surface helps remove loose paint chips that can effect the performance of the new finish. After the scraping and sanding, it is a good idea to pressure wash the fencing to remove any excessive dirt and dust. Next comes the primer. The usual case of iron wrought fencing we deal with needs a coat of primer for proper adhesion. HOWEVER, if your fencing is not peeling excessively, then you may not need a primer and can skip to the finish coat. Remember, a primer in this case is for adhesion promotion. If the surface is not peeling it usually means the old coating is still adhering to the surface. In the case of rust, you will need the proper rust inhibitor prior to the finish coat. After you have applied a primer or bonding primer, it is time to choose a finish coat. An all-surface enamel does the job, but materials such as alkyds tend to have a longer lasting finish and dries to a much more harder and durable surface. Wrought iron painting is not cheap and you should be suspicious of any estimate that comes too low compared to other contractors. Wrought iron painting takes time and proper preparation for good results. It wont be cheap but trust your painting contractor and it will be worth your money!

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With the holidays fast approaching it is time to consider refreshing the inside of your home!
These last couple of months often times mean the arrival of distant or close family members reuniting once again for the celebration of the holidays.
Your home is going to be the destination of dinners, parties, or even simple gatherings of friends and family members.
This is the perfect opportunity to show your parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins the beautiful features of your home.
With painting, it is not just putting up a couple of accent colors here and there. 
All scuffs, unforeseen damages, nail holes, or even the occasional crayon markings from the baby are gone.
What we leave you with is a new start for the inside of your home.
A new color, feeling, mood, or even emotion.
We the painting contractors take pride in the services that we provide.
Some may see a simple painting service, but for contractors like ourselves we know that your home is going to be a place where memories are shared and cherished for years to come.

Before the holidays come, consider painting and refreshing the inside of your home!
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To painters, preparation is everything.
Any person can start a job and slap on some paint.Proper adhesion comes from the necessary sanding, priming, and in the case of this deck, a good pressure washing. When approaching an exterior house painting project, the first step is to pressure wash the surface of any dirt, chalking, and any kind of debris that can hinder the performance of the paint. 
In this photo, we are pressure washing a deck that has been untouched for the past 2 years. As you can see, the surface has accumulated a significant amount of dirt that needs to be washed away. It is important to note, that when pressure washing a deck such as the one shown above, the pressure of the machine should be lowered to avoid any damage to the wood. After the deck is dry, we proceed with some light sanding and finish with 2 coats of clear sealer. 
If you have any questions about your next painting project, give us a call at (408) 246-7744 or email us at
Thank you!
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A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth more!
As painting contractors, we love showcasing our work. 
When your home painting project is finished, we love taking a look at work we have done. 
Look out for more of our videos in the future!

Enjoy and thank you!

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We have been working on this home for the past week. The project consists of new texture and new door trim and baseboards. The sealer has been applied on the new walls and ceiling, and now all that is left is to apply the final coat. Watch the video in HD! There is a lot of white so everything seems blended in but enjoy!
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With winter almost coming to a close, it is essential to think about re-painting the exterior of your home!
As painting contractors, we see a lot of homes neglected throughout the years resulting in extremely chalky surfaces and peeling. 

1. Resin Degradation
Some homeowners may believe that a paint job is purely for aesthetic reasons, however as paint weathers the cured paint film composed of resin (binder and film former) and pigment (components that provides opacity and color) degrades forming "chalk" on the surface.
The longer the surface is left untouched the more "chalk" can form on the surface
This can leave your home exposed to the harsh UV Rays and create further damage to your home. 
2. Repairs
As a paint job is reaching its life expectancy, repairs may become noticeable to the contractor that is painting your home. With substrates such as wood expanding and contracting with fluctuations in temperature, paint that is not flexible can peel or crack exposing the wood to moisture. 
If a homeowner prolongs the need of a exterior paint job, the moisture exposure to the wood can create rot. 
Remember, it is much more cost effective to repair something rather than replacing it. 
3. Increase curb appeal and Increase value
The easiest way to increase the curb appeal of your home is getting the exterior of your home a  new paint job. Whether it is your intent to sell your home or to be the prettiest home in your neighborhood, the effects of a new paint job is easily noticeable. A new paint job not only shows off a new color for your home but is noticeably cleaner than the surrounding homes in your neighborhood. However, if you have plans to sell, following popular color trend can attract new buyers to take a look at your home compared to others in your market.
4. It is just time to paint
We have homeowners asking us on a regular basis on how long their paint job will last. During our preparation process we do not skip a single step to ensure the best possible paint adhesion. However, the location of your home dramatically effects the longevity of the paint job. If your home is exposed to the sun regularly, UV rays can more rapidly deteriorate the cured paint film  exposing the pigment as chalk. If your home is located in a high moisture region, issues such as mildew can occur. An accurate time frame can not always be given to the longevity of your home, give us a call or shoot us over an email and we will be more than willing to give you a quote and inspect your home. 

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